Review: FaltyDL, In The Wild

In The Wild's adventurous variety makes for an enjoyable listen.
FaltyDL In The Wild



Drew Lustman’s latest as FaltyDL is a heady buffet of sound and color, gluttonously helping itself to two-step, house, ambient and about two dozen other subgenres over 55 minutes. Lustman splits his time between fluttering effects, staggered vocal samples and stutter-step beats. With no unifying style from moment to moment, the lone commonality within these songs is their sense of adventurousness.

Despite its runtime, In The Wild’s variety and breeziness make it an advisable journey. Lustman does seems to struggle at times with editing, not giving some of his ideas enough room to roam and letting others wander too far. “Some Jazz Shit”, for instance, is an anonymous-sounding 90s sound collage that’s too long by half. A few of the vocal driven tracks, which recall Four Tet’s more recent work, could have been trimmed as well, with “Do Me” and “Frontin” wearing thin by their ends.

Where Lustman really excels is with making incongruent sounds seem like they’ve always belonged together. The diversity of “Aqui, Port Pligat”, “New Haven” and “Uptight” makes for a bracing intro, and the dubstep/Spanish folktronica hybrid “Dos Gardenias” and eerily warped techno of “Heart & Soul” provides some terrific contrast at the two-third mark. In The Wild won’t ruffle feathers, but it’s rarely less than enjoyable. Like the music itself, Lustman’s brilliance as a curator of sound comes in fits and starts.  B-