NEW EP: Frank Ocean - Nostalgia, LITE


On July 28, Def Jam will released a condensed EP version of Frank Ocean'sNostalgia, ULTRA. — dubbed Nostalgia, LITE. The EP is said to include "around seven songs" including ULTRA standouts "Songs For Women,""Novacane" and "We All Try."Unsurprisingly, the samples used in songs like "American Wedding" (Eagles' "Hotel California") and "Nature Feels" (MGMT's "Electric Feel") were unable to be cleared for commercial release.

Nostalgia, LITE. will also include "at least" two new songs from the OFWGKTA songster — “Acura Integrul” and “Whip Appeal.” A few weeks ago we saw a video featuring "Acura Girl."

Not sure if the Stanley Kubrick / Nicole Kidman-sampling "Lovecrimes" will make it to the EP. I hope so.

Frank Ocean - "Lovecrimes"