Gil Scott-Heron – “New York Is Killing Me”

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Gil Scott-Heron's new single, “New York is Killing Me” is as chill and cool as they come. The video for the track allows the New York subway system to create a soothing visual and audible background beat that Scott-Heron’s rough voice sings. He does a great job of capturing the lonely and overwhelmed feeling that can come with being in the city for too long, and the desire to just head back to the country. Even though the city is “killing” him in this song, you still get a slight sense from Gil Scott-Heron that he is kind of loving the city anyway and doesn’t really ever intend to leave. Watch the Chris Cunningham-directed video below:

New York's Museum of Modern Art reports that Cunningham is "presently working on his first audiovisual album." Scott-Heron's own album, I'm New Here is out now on XL.

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