NEW ALBUM: The Dream - The Love, IV (Diary of a Mad Man)

It has been confirmed that R&B artiste The Love, IV (Diary of a Mad Man)...
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It has been confirmed that R&B artiste The-Dream will follow-up last year's triumphant Love King LP with the awkwardly titled The Love, IV (Diary of a Mad Man), a new album due out later this Fall. As the first half of the title suggests, this will be the singer-songwriter-producer's fourth studio album; one that hopes to continue The-Dream's impressive line of indispensable, inventive, Prince-indebted contemporary R&B.

When speaking to MTV News, The-Dream expressed a desire to get a star-studded line-up together for his new album. Among past collaborators like Kanye West and Drake, the singer mentioned wanting to work with hip hop moguls Jay-Z andDr. Dre, and fading R&B queen Mary J. Blige. One has to wonder why Beyonce isn't on this list — after all, Dream did pen her GRAMMY-winning "Single Ladies" and her latest impressive ballad "1+1".

The Love, IV (Diary of a Mad Man) is out on The-Dream's birthday, September 20. The first single, "T.T.S" featuring the great R. Kelly will be out soon. Is it too much to ask for a few more awesome Prince-esque jams like "Yamaha"?