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The producer and songwriter behind such impossibly huge smashes as “Umbrella” and “Single Ladies” is 29-year-old Terius Youngdell Nash, AKA The-Dream, who insists on one of his third record’s best tracks, “I’ll never be a pop star, I’m too broke.” His oeuvre (and wide array of production and songwriting credits) begs to differ – Nash has released three well-received records under his nom de R&B since 2007, all following a common theme: 2007’s LoveHate, 2009’s Love vs. Money, and now 2010’s Love King. It’s the album he calls his best: in fact, he tweeted in mid-February, around the release of the record’s almost impossibly flawless eponymous lead single, that Love King was “deeper than space.”

That might be a bit of an overstatement, but Love King’s 12 songs are incredibly diverse in vibe. Sexy, kiss-and-tell bangers like the (incredible) title track, pumped-up “F.I.L.A.,” stuttering “Abyss,” and “Panties To The Side” (whose throbbing, space-y synth, opening lion roar, and tossed off “I wanna fuck you, baby”s contribute to a vibe I’m sure you can infer) are in stark opposition to – just as awesome – ballads like “February Love” and “Turnt Out.” From the club anthems to the sensuous slow-jams, Love King is infinitely melodic, carefully considered, and incredibly listenable for people of all musical tastes. The-Dream might not be too broke to be a pop star much longer.

80 — [Rating Scale]

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