#18. Beyonce - Crazy In Love


Artwork by Adam Sarpalius


As 2009, and the decade come to a close, PMA will be looking back at our favorite songs of the last ten years. We will update a list with 75 empty slots until we reach that song that changed everything. You can keep track of this list by keeping an eye on this page. We make these lists in hopes that you guys will chime in the comments and share your favorite musical moments of the noughties.

I almost want to believe that Beyonce took some pointers on how to release a proper debut single from LCD Soundsystem, but something tells me B only did that whole Destiny's Child thing to promote "Crazy In Love".


People say that the reason why "Crazy In Love" was so great was because it was real, because she was crazy in love with Jay-Z when she penned the song with him.

That's just the biggest load of crap I've ever heard.

I'll tell you why "Crazy In Love" has endless appeal. After a stint with her R&B girlfriends, Beyonce wrote her first ever pop song, smoothed her vocals out and restricted her range to an octave and half for an easy-going, singable tune. Most importantly, is that infectious horns-infused hook, sampled from "Are You My Woman (Tell Me So)" by The Chi-Lites. They're the first thing we hear on "Crazy In Love", and to be honest, its the reason why we keep coming back.

And come back to it we did, over and over again. Years after its prime, "Crazy In Love" has proven to be one of the most replayable pop tunes of the noughties (unies?), and I don't see myself taking it off my regular playlist anytime soon.

Bonus: check out the Antony & the Johnsons cover.

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