#19. LCD Soundsystem - Losing My Edge


Artwork by Adam Sarpalius


As 2009, and the decade come to a close, PMA will be looking back at our favorite songs of the last ten years. We will update a list with 75 empty slots until we reach that song that changed everything. You can keep track of this list by keeping an eye on this page. We make these lists in hopes that you guys will chime in the comments and share your favorite musical moments of the noughties.

If the music industry can take anything away from LCD Soundsystem (of course it can), it's how to write a glorious debut single. How the oh so vital debut single has been taken for granted. On his debut single, James Murphy wrote the first ever audible music blog entry, an "About Me" blurb and most importantly, a mission statement.


Three years before the first LCD Soundsystem album was released in 2005, "Losing My Edge" took a decade spanning snap-shot of the independent music community. An impressive feat always, sure, but never one to just leave us impressed, James Murphy made sure he'd tell us how the indie kids would be like seven years into the future. Even today "Losing My Edge" reads like a hipper-than-thou blog post, tuning into the music snob inside all of us that says stuff like "I was the first guy playing Daft Punk to the rock kids... everybody thought it was crazy." I think we can all relate to that guy.

Losing My Edge - LCD Soundsyst...

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