A.R. Rahman x Dido - "If I Rise" (from 127 Hours)

127 Hours Soundtrack

Academy Award and Grammy Award winner A.R. Rahman, who composed the score for 2009's memorable Slumdog Millionaire, is renown for merging world music and electronic genres in his compositions. The producer teamed up with Dido for the song “If I Rise,” which appears on Slumdog director-Danny Boyle's new film, 127 Hours, and is nominated for a Golden Globe award. The song is a beautiful representation of Rahman's prior achievements; an ethereal, cultural experience that uses an array of worldly instruments (harps, djembes) with hints of subtle electronica, that gradually builds throughout. Dido and Rahman's vocals sound great together. Two time Grammy nominee Carmen Rizzo has just remixed the track, which adds synth pop, bass, and electronic features while maintaining the song's fragrant bearing.

"If I Rise"

"If I Rise" (Carmen Rizzo remix)