Actress - "Rap"

One of the best songs on Actress' fantastic new album, Ghettoville.
Actress Ghettoville cover art

Actress's fourth record is called Ghettoville, and though it might also be his last (he announced the record with the cheerful epithet "RIP music 2014"), he keeps presenting us with reason to be very excited - namely, "Rap," another track from the album. It's a fantastic song, like what you might hear if you found a boombox post-apocalypse containing someone's heavily damaged R&B mix CD - robotic vocals repeat endearing slogans over a maximalist, looped electronic backdrop. We're psyched to hear the rest of the record - it's out January 27. Check out "Rap" in the meantime.

We previously shared Ghettoville's central highlight, "Gaze," on our first ON BLAST post, here.