Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment



Atrocious album cover aside (why couldn't he just gone with the single cover pictured above?), Adam Lambert still stands as one of the most talented people to ever walk off the American Idol stage.

His whole Sasha Fierce meets Lady GaGa meets post-Chris-Brown Rihanna look really irks me, but his album's first single and titular track, "For Your Entertainment" has hit potential. It sounds like Queen, it sounds like Bowie, it sounds like Goldfrapp — a male Lady GaGa without the killer hooks.

The hook on "For Your Entertainment" is fine, but nothing that will stand out or keep it relevant for more than 2-3 months. After listening to it a few times (in not-so-great quality), I'll admit that it's a decent tune. I think it's about time American Idol fashioned out an electro-pop star. Listen to it here: