REC'D: Adele - "Rolling in the Deep" (Jamie xx Remix)


Originally posted on December 1, 2010. Reposted because of the official announcement of its release.

Jamie Smith, the xx's prolific beat-maker, has had a busy few weeks, he has recently announced a solo single called "Far Nearer", which is out soon on Numbers. He has also contributed to Nosaj Thing's new remix album, Drift Remixed, reworking a track called "Fog". And aside from an eventual xx sophomore album, the most anticipated project that Jamie xx has undertaken in recent weeks is his complete reworking of Gil Scott-Heron's critically embraced 2010 album, I'm New Here, redubbed We're New Here. And now, Jamie xx is at it again; this time remixing one of the biggest pop tunes I've heard in a minute — Adele's "Rolling in the Deep". We only have a video rip of Jamie xx playing the remix on a Ustream'd set, so the quality isn't the best and there's a talkative emcee around, but according to the YouTube uploader, the remix is out January 16. XL Recordings has uploaded the full version of the remix and will digitally release it exclusively to iTunes UK on January 16. Listen to the remix below: