New Alanis Morissette Song/Video Is About Coffee, Uses Coffee Sounds

Very inspirational stuff

Alanis Morissette hasn't been making too much music lately, but apparently that's because she was lacking an inspiration: coffee. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Morissette has teamed up with Costa Rica musician Carlos "Tapado" Vargas on a new song, aptly titled "The Morning," which features "coffee beans and other machinery used in making coffee to create the percussion elements."

The song is an ode to "female coffee producers in Costa Rica" and will accompany a new documentary, A Small Section of the World, which will premiere in New York City come Nov. 14th. The song itself, also about coffee, is ripe with puns about the powerful bean that brightens up everyone's day, and focuses particularly on how "the female inhabitants of the Costa Rican town are vital to the global coffee production industry.” Very inspirational stuff. Watch the video, which depicts the making of the song, below: