Album Stream: Liars - WIXIW


Liars have a brand new and seemingly unpronounceable record out on June 5, but you can stream it all now. The record’s first single, the haunting electro-krautrock droner “No. 1 Against the Rush,” and accompanying hints from band members indicated that the trio were exploring more electronic approaches to their weird knack for irresistibly strange melodies, but WIXIW (pronounced “wish you,” according to NPR) still kind of evades expectation. Songs like “The Exact Color of Doubt” seem like something you might find on Radiohead’s lost ambient record; “Octagon,” with its skittering drum machines and ambient minimalism, sounds like Liars’ take on artstep until Angus Andrew starts singing and those sweeping, distorted guitars kick in – then it sounds like a summoning chant. And just when you think you can predict what they’re doing, they kick out electro-punk jammer “Brats,” which sounds like Liars (the record) highlight “Clear Island” as interpreted by The Rapture circa Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks. By which we mean, this record is awesome.

Liars: WIXIW