Stream: Lower Dens - "Nootropics"


Lower Dens make their dreamy, hazy pop with an irresistible motorik groove that has us completely hooked. The tracks on Jana Hunter and co.’s new record Nootropics are driving and hypnotic, endlessly layered and fascinating. If that sounds good to you, you can stream the new album below (courtest of NPR). Check it out even if you weren’t a fan of Twin Hand Movement’s shoegazey subtlety – songs like “Brains,”“Lamb,” and “Lion in Winter Pt. 2” are so mesmerizing they might as well be swinging a pocket watch in your face. Hunter’s voice is calming and also vaguely creepy, those basslines so steady and so locked into such a tight groove it’s almost disconcerting, and that guitar static sounds like thunder rumbling – by which we mean, this record is great. Check it out.