Album Releases: Jay-Z, Beach House, Calvin Harris, Washed Out, Baby Driver, Public Enemy

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jay-z 4-44

4:44 by Jay-Z

Unless you’ve been offline for the last 12 hours, you know Jay-Z’s bombshell new album, 4:44 is out right now. Somewhere between a tell-all and a TED Talk, the album touches on his marriage, infidelity, fatherhood, money, legacy, and, among other things, eviscerating the competition. Headlines have sprung from lyrics that seem to: corroborate Lemonade’s narrative of infidelity; take harsh shots at, among several individuals, Kanye, who suffered a mental breakdown when he reportedly came after Jay; reveal that Jay’s mother, Gloria Carter, is gay

Listen on Tidal only, at least this week.

B-Sides and Rarities by Beach House

The first compilation from Beach House, for those who don’t want to hunt down their favorite non-album tracks. It features three new songs, the best of which is the gorgeous “Chariot”. 

Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 by Calvin Harris

The new album from the most successful DJ in the world features Frank Ocean, Migos, Young Thug, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Future, and many, many others. 

Mister Mellow by Washed Out

For his first album on legendary experimental hip-hop label Stones Throw, Washed Out recreates himself as Dilla’s most chill acolyte.  

Baby Driver Soundtrack

Come for the three original tracks on the great Baby Driver soundtrack. Stay for the excellent, almost Tarantinoan selection of classic pop and funk tracks that score the film’s breathless chases.Tarantinoan selection of classic pop and funk tracks that score the film’s breathless chases.

Nothing is Quick in the Desert by Public Enemy

To celebrate their 30th anniversary, Public Enemy released their new album, Nothing is Quick in the Desert for free. This egalitarian release was in sharp contrast against the rollout of Jay-Z’s blockbuster 4:44 LP, which was exclusive only to folks who patronize either Tidal and Sprint. You can still grab it for free below.