Album Releases: Vince Staples, Radiohead, Prince, DJ Khaled

Four albums you should listen to this weekend
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Vince Staples Big Fish Theory is his first album since the masterful Summerime '06. Hot take: Vince Staples did it again. Big Fish Theory is consistent, varied, and exhilarating, but just like last time, he might ultimately be overshadowed by his West Coast compatriot, and cultural behemoth, Kendrick Lamar.

OK Computer turns 20, so the hand has remastered it and released it with 3 new b-sides, plus 8 familiar ones. Hot take: This is the new definitive version of one of the best albums ever. Take heed. 

A Prince-sanctioned reissue of Purple Rain, one of my personal favorite albums of all time. It includes 11 previously unreleased songs. Hot take: No revelatory remaster of the classic album tracks—like Sgt. Pepper a few weeks ago, or OK Computer today—makes this reissue feel less vital, but the album-length bonus disc is full of pop curios for Prince completionists. 

DJ Khaled's latest playlist-style album, Grateful, features a who's who of pop music circa 2017. ANOTHER ONE! Hot take: Jams and good times abound. This is an album only Khaled could have made.