Album Stream: Bear in Heaven - Time is Over One Day Old

Minimal instrumentation for maximal effect on the Brooklyn band's fourth record.
bear in heaven time is over

We were pretty sold on Bear in Heaven'sTime is Over One Day Old when we first heard lead single / album opener "Autumn," with its incredible groove that cuts off just when you think it's found its pace for at least ten more minutes. That's kind of the theme of the record, and possibly of the band's whole career - a kind of bare necessity of sound, just what the guys need to make a maximal emotional impact (see also / always: "Sinful Nature") while still keeping their listeners guessing. Time is Over One Day Old is full of great sounds that cut out just when you've decided you want them to keep going forever - tantalizing, teasing, endlessly relistenable. Check it out below, and grab a physical copy in a record store starting July 29th.