Album Stream: Belle and Sebastian - Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance

Stream the band's ninth album a week in advance of its physical release via NPR.
belle and sebastian

Belle and Sebastian are gearing up to release their ninth (!!) LP Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance, and now you can stream the full record a week in advance of its physical release over at NPR. Like the best Belle and Sebastian records, pressing play feels like getting picked up by the scruff of your neck and dropped into someone else's story, like reading a great book or seeing a great movie - his band's knack for emotive swells makes Stuart Murdoch's verbose lyrics feel light and almost fun despite their actual gravity, and they're so descriptive that you can almost close your eyes and visualize the experiences of these characters. It takes me right back to listening to "Seeing Other People" on the train in high school. Check it out below via NPR while you wait to pick up a physical copy in a record store starting January 20th.