Album Stream: Bob Dylan - The Basement Tapes Complete: The Bootleg Series Vol. 11

Stream a collection of unearthed recordings from some legendary Dylan sessions.

In 1967, Bob Dylan and The Band went up to a house called Big Pink in the woods near Woodstock, New York, to record some music. These sessions have become famous via Dylan's record The Basement Tapes, but devotees have unearthed still more unreleased music written and recorded during that period, and it's been compiled on a new record called The Basement Tapes Complete, which you can stream now via NPR. A lot of the songs are short, unfinished-feeling sketches that you might recognize skeletally, others showcase Dylan's attempt to try on a multiplicity of genres. It's a fascinating listen you'll want to share with your dad. Check it out via NPR and/or pick up a physical copy starting November 4th.