Album Stream: Camera Obscura - Desire Lines

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As you might know if you really like that Deerhunter song, a desire line is what happens when there's no road or path somewhere, so people make one - it's kind of a pure expression of the easiest or most sensical way to go. It's thus also the very appropriate title of the Glaswegian quintet Camera Obscura's fifth record, in which the band, driven by neatly knit, bubbly guitars, driving pop percussion, and Tracyanne Campbell's smart, verbose lyrics, go pretty directly where they want to go, even if they have to forge new paths to get there. First-listen highlights are "Troublemaker," in which Campbell gets smirkingly autobiographical over a hyper-catchy, Belle and Sebastian-esque guitar duel, and "I Missed Your Party," in which bubbly horns underlie Campbell's funny, halfhearted apologies for watching Flashdance again instead of coming over. Check it out - and, if you're intent on a physical copy, it's out June 4.