Album Stream: EMA - The Future's Void

Voila, one of our most anticipated records of 2014.
EMA Void


Voila, one of our most anticipated records of 2014 - Erika M. Anderson's second album as EMAThe Future's Void, which you can now stream courtesy NPR a week in advance of its physical release date. It makes me think of Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon's old-school t-shirt, "girls invented punk rock - not England," which also reminds me that women (namely, Mary Shelley, the teenage author of Frankenstein) invented science fiction. Anderson's an apt heir to the feminine histories of both science fiction and punk rock, singing handily about vacating her soul on the internet, about being overseen by satellites, about a looming sense of identity loss (not to mention my first-listen favorite happens to be titled "Cthulu") over eerie, layered, deeply modern instrumentals summoned from her background in abrasive but deeply personal noise. It's a smart, high-concept record that encapsulates Anderson's complete vision of a world she's not sure she wants to live in but can mold to suit her fancy anyway, and it's likely the best thing you'll hear today. You can grab a copy in a record store starting April 8th.

Update: The album has been removed from NPR for the time being.