Album Stream: Four Tet - "Beautiful Rewind"


Yesterday we learned that preorders of Kieran Hebden's new record as Four TetBeautiful Rewind, would be shipped today, and that you could pick up a copy in a record store starting October 15. Because he's evidently a magnanimous dude, Hebden uploaded the record to SoundCloud this morning (remember his promise "no itunes stream, no spotify") to let everyone listen, and we're happy to report that it's really, really, really good. Listen for yourself - Hebden's layered, slowly building, skittering tones and samples are the perfect soundtrack for, well, basically anything (though I will say that they seem especially fitting for a gray early morning here in Seattle). Check it out while you peruse the tracklist, below:

Four Tet - Beautiful Rewind tracklist
01 Gong
02 Parallel jalebi
03 Our navigation
04 Ba teaches yoga
05 Kool FM
06 Crush
07 Buchla
08 Aerial
09 Ever never
10 Unicorn
11 Your body feels