Album Stream: Gold Panda - Half of Where You Live

gold panda half of where you live

Over-caffeinated electronic producer Gold Panda releases his new album, Half of Where You Live next week on June 11. After a few EPs, Half properly follows up Panda's widely-acclaimed 2011 album, Lucky Shiner, which was propelled into the public consciousness by a very strong first single.

Half of Where You Live wasn't afforded that luxury, but instead relies on good-will and an expanded sonic offering. As NPR (who are hosting the stream) points out, Half moves beyond the underground electronic scene of his native UK and makes references to Hong Kong, Japan and Brazil, to name a few.

The track called "My Father in Hong Kong 1961" in particular is an album highlight. So is late-album gem "The Most Liveable City" (apparently about Melbourne, Australia). But the whole thing is worth a spin. Check it out below: