Album Stream: Hamilton Leithauser - Black Hours

Stream the debut solo record from the former Walkmen frontman.
hamilton leithauser black hours

No matter what kind of Memorial Day Weekend you're planning on, here's your soundtrack - Black Hours, the debut solo record from Hamilton Leithauser, formerly of the Walkmen. And by "what kind of weekend you're planning on," we mean whether you're planning on drinking alone or planning on drinking with other people, it'll work. Ex-lover in attendance or conspicuously not in attendance? No problem dude! Hamilton's got jams for days for you! We've already heard a couple of jams (our favorite might be "I Retired"), but the rest of the record shows off Leithauser's rich songwriting range, not to mention his iconic voice. Check it out - you can pick up a physical copy starting June 3rd. Listen over here or revisit the "11 O'Clock Friday Night" video below whilst you're planning your own Friday night.