Album Stream: Hundred Waters - The Moon Rang Like A Bell

Stream the quietly devastating new record from the OWSLA-signed L.A.-via-Florida quartet.

Your daily dose of goosebumps are forthcoming from Hundred Waters, whose new record The Moon Rang Like A Bell is now streaming via NPR a week in advance of its physical release date. Descending into this thing is like free-diving without oxygen into the band's deeply textured, intensely emotional soundscape, with Nicole Miglis's often-whispered vocals and confessional lyrics reigning supreme over instrumentals that toe the line between good dream and nightmare - you get the sense you might never come back out if you get as deep as you can go. You know how we feel about early singles like "Down From the Rafters" and "Xtalk," but we've fallen hard for "Innocent" and "Broken Blue," too. Check it out and pick it up in a record store starting May 27th.