Album Stream: Iceage - Plowing Into the Field of Love

Stream the band's not-really-all-that-surprising third LP.

On account of the fact that we've been talking about this record nonstop since we knew it existed, obviously we're excited about Iceage's very good third LP Plowing Into the Field of Love - and now you can stream it too a week in advance of its physical release via the band's own YouTube channel. It's a bit more of a time commitment, clocking in at about the length of its two predecessors combined, but consider it your must-listen of the day. My favorite is the penultimate track "Simony" (I wrote in loving detail about it for our most recent Tracking post) but try "On My Fingers," "Stay," and the title track too - the latter's probably the most beautiful song they've written. You can - and should - pick up a physical copy in record store starting October 7th.