Album Stream: Interpol - El Pintor

Stream the band's fifth record via NPR.
interpol el pintor

We're equal parts excited and surprised to hear new music from Interpol in 2014 - after kicking things off with their now-classic debut LP Turn on the Bright Lights in 2002, the band have released music relatively sparsely - their new record El Pintor is their first since 2010. You can stream the whole thing now via NPR a week in advance of its physical release, and it's a great listen, if a little nostalgic - these guys are still so great at doing them, and we're awestruck that they keep sounding fresh doing it. Check it out over at NPR - remember, you can pick up a physical copy in a record store starting September 9th. And hey, let's just throw in the "Obstacle 1" video for good measure.