Album Stream: Jessica Pratt - On Your Own Love Again

jessica pratt

Sometimes you're just in need of music that makes you feel like you're wandering through Greenwich Village in the '70s, vaguely nervous about the forthcoming rent check for your roach-infested loft on the Bowery, your kind-of-ex's drug problems, and all those guilt-trippy letters from your parents in Connecticut. Am I right? Well, look no further than Jessica Pratt'sOn Your Own Love Again, which you can stream now a week in advance of its physical release via NPR. Pratt's lovely, singular vocals and layered guitar sounds recall old-school folk as much as they do contemporary freak-folk auteurs like Grizzly Bear or Devendra Banhart, and her lyrics conjure vivid imagery that'll have you instantly sucked into her fully-realized world. Check it out over at NPR while you wait to grab a physical copy, starting January 27th.