Album Stream: Julian Casablancas and the Voidz - Tyranny

Stream the weirdest, and possibly best, record you'll hear today.
julian casablancas and the voids

We know it was kind of teasing of us to post a glowing review of Julian Casablancas' new record with his band the Voidz, Tyranny, before you could listen to it, but now we're begging your forgiveness / linking you to a stream of the record, which you can sample below a few days in advance of its physical release. Basically, it's a fantastic listen that sounds like nothing Casablancas has done before but somehow makes perfect sense, like he's been working on it this whole time in an alternate dimension. It's ambitious, insanely weird, and troublingly catchy. Check it out and/or look for a physical copy in a record store starting September 23rd.