Album Stream: King Krule - 6 Feet Beneath the Moon

King Krule 6 Feet

One of our most anticipated records of 2013 is finally available for stream - you can listen to King Krule's6 Feet Beneath the Moon in its 14-track entirely via the widget above or on Archy Marshall's website, where each song is accompanied by live CCTV footage from assorted streets around London. You might want to choose the latter streaming option if you're like me and have no hope of going to London anytime soon, plus, it intriguingly roots each song within a different physical space. It works perfectly - King Krule's songs have always felt like wandering kind of aimlessly, like stumbling into the dive-iest bars' open mic nights just out of happenstance. Check it out - our first-listen favorite, aside from singles "Easy Easy" and "Neptune Estate," is probably "Ceiling." It's out physically August 24.