Album Stream: Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence

Lana, we were wrong. And we're sorry.
lana del rey ultraviolence

Behold one of our favorite records of 2014, from an unexpected source - Lana Del Rey'sDan Auerbach-produced sophomore LP Ultraviolence, which is likely to either sway you from your Lana hate into a state of begrudging awe or bolster your rabid affection for her, is streaming concurrently with its physical release. And yeah, it's a pretty great record, whether or not you were an American studies major and part of your fascination with it may or may not be academic (like, uh, mine is) - just press play on "Cruel World," put your little red party dress on, and belt out, "YOU'RE FUCKING CRAZY!!!" Check it out below via Spotify or pick up a physical copy at a record store starting today.