Album Stream: Mac DeMarco - Salad Days

Mac DeMarco Salad Days

It sometimes gets a little blurred behind the onstage antics, insane covers medleys, and ridiculous interviews, but Mac DeMarco's class-clown personality just might be one of the reasons why he's such an irresistible, unique guitar pop songwriter. On his new record Salad Days he proves that in spades - if he's not singing like a cartoon character, he's laying down tightly interwoven, catchy guitar riffs and sunny melodies that'll be stuck in your head for days. And, not really all that surprisingly, his lyrics often get wistful and introspective, dragging a raincloud down distantly over your stoned summer day. NPR's streaming Salad Days in full a week in advance of its April 1 physical release and you'll want to crank it up and dream about the good weather on the way. Check it out.