Album Stream: Merchandise - After the End

Stream the Tampa punks' first LP for 4AD.
merchandise after the end

Since I'm an esteemed member of the press, I've had Merchandise'sAfter the End in my possession for a few weeks now, and I can say it's not really crying-on-the-bus material, which is how I feel about most of their back catalog. Rather, the whole thing makes you want to dance, whether it's wanting to travel back in time to waltz at your high school prom with your crush to "Green Lady" or shimmy a little to the perfect bassline on a song like "Telephone" (which, I mean, how good is that bassline). I do kind of wish there was an emotional, soul-searching twelve-minute ballad, but I'm pretty sure I have enough bus-crying material from these guys to last a lifetime anyway. Check out the whole record over at NPR and/or revisit the great video for "Enemy" below - you can pick up a physical copy of After the End starting August 26th.