Album Stream: Naomi Punk - Television Man

Stream the Olympia band's searing, cathartic third record.
naomi punk television man

If you haven't listened yet, let me describe Naomi Punk to you - a shitload of guitar tracks, tension, tension, tension, tension, continually building tension, rain, more rain, distant thunder, catharsis in layers unfolding like flower petals, weirdly sing-along-friendly depressing / uplifting (yes, both at once) mantra. The first time I heard this band, I was like, what is even going on? Now my play counts are ridiculous and I've seen them live an unquantifiable, kind of embarrassing number of times. I'm happy that you can finally listen to a record I've wandered beautiful Seattle summer with for a month or so now, Television Man, Naomi Punk's third, which does indeed include a song titled "Whirlpool of Anguish" but also includes a song that is an actual whirlpool of anguish and perhaps one of the best of the year (in my ranking of songs as well as anguish whirlpools), the album's excruciating eight-minute closer, "Rodeo Trash Pit." Stream it over at Pitchfork Advance while you wait for a physical copy, out August 5th via Captured Tracks on lavender vinyl (!!!), or revisit the title track / lead single below.