Album Stream: No Age - "An Object"

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No Age's new record An Object is one of our most anticipated of 2013, and for those like us who couldn't wait another week, NPR's streaming the album now in advance of its August 20 release date. It's the band's most experimental release yet - new instruments and sounds, short-and-sweet ambient instrumental numbers, compellingly weird songwriting - but even if you prefer No Age when they go an accessible pop-punk route, there's plenty to like here. Our first-listen favorites (aside from first single "C'mon, Stimmung," which is probably one of our favorite tracks of the year) are the weird-punk banger "Circling with Dizzy" and the delicate, distorted "A Ceiling Dreams of a Floor." If you live in Seattle (home of the band's label, Sub Pop), we'll see you at the release day show on August 20!