Album Stream: Omar Souleyman - Wenu Wenu


At long last, here's the product of the most impressive collaboration of the year - Wenu Wenu, the first studio-recorded album from the king of Syrian techno Omar Souleyman, produced by October's musical MVP Four Tet, streaming via NPR a week in advance of its street date.

We've already heard the fantastic album-opening title track, now roll up your sleeves and get into the rest - soaring, energetic synths summon traditional Middle Eastern rhythms and sounds and then get layered over throbbing bass and clattering percussion and presided over by Souleyman's singular vocals and Arabic lyrics; the end product is such an intense groove, you'll find it impossible to resist if you have a pulse. As a producer, Four Tet's Kieran Hebden gets his hands dirty (sometimes, you can feel his presence in the music's deep layers - see: the shimmery background beats and drones of "Khattaba") but doesn't steal the show, rightfully giving Souleyman the reins.

Check it out - and remember you can buy Wenu Wenu in a record store starting October 22.