Album Stream: Oneohtrix Point Never - "R Plus 7"

Oneohtrix Point Never R Plus 7

We've been heavily anticipating Oneohtrix Point Never'sR Plus 7 since we first heard the irresistibly weird serpentine groove of early leaks "Still Life" and "Problem Areas." Even before that, though, our curiosity was peaked by early reports that the record, Daniel Lopatin's first for his new label Warp, was a serious departure from his previous releases. Now, finally, you can indulge your curiosity and relieve your anticipation thanks to NPR, who are streaming R Plus 7 ten days in advance of its October 1 physical release. It's a fantastic record, playful and eerie and frank about its diverse influences (from avant-garde electronic composers to dancefloor-ready pop); at times, listening feels like walking through a shed packed with a lifetime's work by a self-taught artist. Put some time aside today to give the record an intent listen - it's worth it. Check it out.