Album Stream: Pond - "Hobo Rocket"

The new album from Tame Impala off-shoot, Pond.

We've been psyched for Pond'sHobo Rocket since lead singles "Xanman" and "Giant Tortoise," and the end result of all our yearning, streaming now on NPR, doesn't disappoint one bit. Frontman Nick Albrook quit his day job playing bass in Tame Impala to bring all his energy to the fore here, and we don't blame him - huge riffs, epic distortion, thunderous drums, creepy-sublime vocals in the manner of MGMT's Andrew VanWyngarden, everything adds together into possibly the psychedelic guitar explosion of the year. If you think I'm exaggerating one bit, please press play now. Check it out - you can nab a physical copy August 6.