Album Stream: Ratking - So It Goes

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I was sold on the postmodern genius of the young New York trio Ratking when I first heard "100," and if you stream their debut record So It Goes courtesy NPR a week in advance of its physical release date, you'll probably be sold too. It's indicative of their talent that these guys can use a way-overdone Vonnegut quote as an album title and really get at its essence: so it goes, time goes on, things change, seasons change, trends change, hype changes, so it goes. It's everywhere in their music - on album highlight "Snow Beach" the guys trade off verses about 20-degree weather and heading to your court date and picking up another North Face in an endless winterly cycle over a maximal backbeat courtesy in-house producer Sporting Life; "Remove Ya" centers around the never-ending nightmare of racist police harassment. It's a great record and an early front-runner for my favorite hip-hop album of 2014. Check it out - you can grab a physical copy April 8.