Album Stream: Shabazz Palaces - Lese Majesty

Stream one of the best records of 2014 via NPR.
shabazz palaces

Here's your bi-yearly dose of hip-hop beamed from the astral plane (AKA Seattle, which sometimes feels like an astral plane) - Shabazz Palaces'Lese Majesty, hands-down one of our favorite records of 2014 and unquestionably the best album of the year to include a Moby Dick reference, streaming now a week in advance of its physical release via NPR. Crank it up late at night, and for God's sake in some headphones and speakers that'll allow you full appreciation of that bass - mastermind Ishmael Butler manages to blend every track into one complete, fully expressive document that reads like a transmission from alien beings way smarter than you. Check it out below: