Album Stream: Sleigh Bells - "Bitter Rivals"

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One of our most anticipated records of 2013 had a relatively short lead-in time - it's only been a few weeks since Sleigh Bells teased their third album Bitter Rivals with its title track, and now you can stream the record online a week in advance of its physical release date. We're happy to confirm it's just as much of a cheerleading halftime show gone horrifically, amazingly wrong - Alexis Krauss's vocal melodies (this time written and arranged entirely by her) go from tauntingly sweet to massive, blown-out chants in the space of seconds; Derek Miller's guitar echoes her, sometimes leaning toward the acoustic side of the spectrum before buckling down under layers of distortion. Our first-listen favorites are probably "Minnie" and "Tiger Kit". Check it out - remember you can pick up a physical copy October 8.