Album Stream: Surfer Blood - Pythons


Just in time for summer, the electrifying pop punk of Surfer Blood is back with a new full length, Pythons. The album follows the band's 2010 breakout debut, Astro Coast, and was produced by Gil Norton, who has worked with the likes of Echo and the Bunnymen and the Pixies. Stream the album below, courtesy of NPR. Highlights include opening track "Demon Dance" and the hooks-all-day first single, "Weird Shapes." Pythons is out June 11th.


01 Demon Dance
02 Gravity
03 Weird Shapes
04 I Was Wrong
05 Squeezing Blood from a Stone
06 Say Yes To Me
07 Beyond the Grave AKA Blair Witch
08 Needles and Pines
09 Slow Six
10 Dark 1000s AKA Prom Song