Album Stream: Temples - Sun Structures

Temples Sun Structures

It's fitting that Temples' instantly catchy debut album, Sun Structures is being released mere days after the 50th anniversary of The Beatles' messianic arrival in America. Like Australia's Tame Impala, Temples (from England) make grade-A Beatlesesque pastiche. I'd argue that Sun Structures would work well as a companion piece to Tame Impala's debut, InnerSpeaker. Where Tame Impala's Kevin Parker takes after John Lennon both vocally and compositionally, Temples' James Edward Bagshaw channels Paul McCartney. Album opener "Shelter Song" gets its melodic and fretwork cues from A Hard Day's Night, while the rhythm section throughout the album mirrors the Fab Four's more druggy period.

Bands would be smart to tread carefully when playing with musical tropes discerning listeners know inside and out. It's to Temples credit that Sun Structures is immediately recognizable and comfortable without falling into cover-band parody.

Stream the album below, via NPR: