Album Stream: The Men - "Tomorrow's Hits"

Listen to the Men's (literally) barnburning new album, Tomorrow's Hits.
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The Men Tomorrows Hits

So far, our tastes from the Men's fifth record Tomorrow's Hits have sounded less like the band's punk roots but no less barnburning - I guess I mean more literally barnburning, as in the soundtrack to being a cattle-rustlin' Wild West villain (see: that great part of "Pearly Gates" when frontman Mark Perro yells "when the sheriff finds my body / leave the whole county bloody"). You can now stream the whole record via the New York Times - you'll find the soundtrack to your next whiskey bar crawl, the next time you drive off into the sunset ("Different Days"), and/or some pretty guitar waltzes heavy on the slide guitar ("Settle Me Down"). You can pick up Tomorrow's Hits in a record store March 4th.