Album Stream: TOPS - Picture You Staring

Stream one of our most anticipated records of 2014.
tops picture you staring

We've been obsessed with the Montreal quartet TOPS since we saw them at like, noon on a Thursday at SXSW, upstairs at a venue hilariously reappropriated from restaurant attic to Canadian artist showcase spot. They played for about eight people, but it was awesome, and frontwoman Jane Penny was super psyched that I was playing her band's music on a college radio station in Western Massachusetts. TOPS' new LP Picture You Staring is lovely, effortless pop, figuring Penny's singular vocals and keyboard chords over a minimal but affecting backdrop of sharp guitar sounds; it's likely it'll get the band noticed by media outlets with more than a ten mile broadcast radius, because every song will earworm its way into your brain in about five seconds, or as long as it takes the band to settle into one of their effortless pop grooves. Every song is great; try "Blind Faze" if you only have time for one. Check it out - you can pick up a physical copy via Arbutus Records starting September 2nd.