Album Stream: Viet Cong - Viet Cong

Stream the official debut LP from the band featuring two former members of Women.
viet cong

The first time I heard Viet Cong's self-titled debut LP I was sitting with my best friend in her boyfriend's basement apartment in Toronto, it was my birthday, and while we listened to it we drank an entire bottle of wine. We listened in almost complete silence except for when we started laughing hysterically because it was so good (ie. the end bit of "March of Progress"). It was not until several days later while I listened to the record again on the bus to Buffalo that I started picking out Matt Flegel's lyrics - charmingly apocalyptic stuff like "if we're lucky we'll get old and die" - and really focusing on every impossibly tight, totally assured groove. The album's closer is one of the best songs of the year, an eleven-minute emotional bulldozer / epic post-apocalyptic juggernaut called "Death," which makes me think the only record I can compare to Viet Cong, though they sound hardly anything alike, is Slint'sSpiderland. You should have no trouble bookmarking the album's stream below (via NPR) until you can nab a physical copy January 20th.