Album Stream: Warpaint - Warpaint


The L.A. quartet Warpaint's self-titled sophomore record has been one of our most anticipated releases of 2014 since the moment we even speculated its existence, so this is pretty exciting for us - you can stream Warpaint a week in advance of its January 21 release date courtesy NPR. It's beautiful, eerie,  and stunningly effortless, with serpentine baselines weaving underneath tightly intwined vocals and guitar lines from co-frontwomen Emily Kokal and Theresa Wayman, masters of a summoning, incantation vibe like few others. You've already heard singles "Biggie" and "Love is to Die;" if you only have time for one, try "Keep It Healthy" or "Hi." Remember, you can pick up Warpaint in a record store starting next week.