Album Stream: White Sea (M83), In Cold Blood

White Sea In Cold Blood

White Sea is the solo-act nom de studio of M83's Morgan Kibby, a singer and songwriter of considerable talents. Kibby is, after all, co-writer of perhaps the greatest song of the 2010s, and co-vocalist of "Kim & Jessie" and "Reunion", and if that doesn't immediately qualify one our readers' undivided attention and goodwill, we honestly don't know what will.

Kibby's debut as White Sea, In Cold Blood, is out next week and it's streaming in full below. At first blush, the album has its sights set toward the celestial, sounding like the sweet lovechild of M83 and Haerts.

First single "Prague" still sounds as evil as ever, as if M83 had been hanging around the wrong crowd for a little too long. Album-highlight "Future Husbands Past Lives" manages to fuse very of-the-moment Haim-ish pop with overwhelming waves of synth to make the sort of superhero power pop jam that will hopefully become fashionable again sometime soon.

Every song on In Cold Blood is cranked the fuck up, and thus can only be accurately served by constant use of the "power-" prefix. (LP centerpiece "Ex-Pat"/"Small December" is decidedly slowed down, but drama melismata is at an all-time high.) Can that hold up with repeated listens? We'll let you know! But right now we're a bit enamored of White Sea's invigorating, no-shits-giving power-synthpop.

The album is out May 20.