Album Stream: Wye Oak, Shriek

Wye Oak Shriek

Wye Oak's new record Shriek was inspired by a kind of creative crisis in the mind of frontwoman and general guitar shredder par excellence Jenn Wasner, who started tooling around on the bass after a long tour left her frustrated with playing her traditional instrument. When she sent what she was working on over to her bandmate Andy Stack in Texas, he added synth lines instead of drum parts, and a new beast was born, profiling the band's knack for catchy, serpentine, charmingly weird songwriting, filtered through new materials and explorations of new sounds. The result is an unexpected but great record streaming a week in advance of its physical release date courtesy NPR - so far, we're partial to the title track and the moody, shuffling jam "The Tower - what are your favorites? Grab a copy in a record store starting April 29.