Album Updates- Beastie Boys, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, James Taylor, and Team B


  • Let's start off with the Beastie Boys. The boys are finishing up their 8th studio album, and its apparently shaping up to be a "pretty weird" one, says lead rapper Adam Yauch. Far from their all-instrumental album The Mix-Up, this one includes "a lot of rhyming and playing and sampling — all combined." It should be pretty cool...thanks to Entertainment Weekly for the heads-up.

  • James Taylor is working on another covers album, coming out April 7th, called Other Covers. Good title! It'll have seven more covers from his original studio session, including "Oh, What A Beautiful Morning," along with Chuck Berry's "Memphis. His last Covers album was pretty well-received. (Via MOG).

  • Team B, a band formed of members from Beirut, Arcade Fire, and LCD Soundsystem (woah) is streaming their new album on MySpace...I haven't taken a listen yet, but Beirut, Arcade Fire, and LCD Soundsystem? It should be pretty good. Thanks to Tiny Mix Tapes.